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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Process


Inspection – The carpet will be thoroughly inspected to determine the fibre type and construction. We will also determine any other issues with the carpet and discuss them with you prior to commencing cleaning e.g. expected results from stain treatment.


Commercial Pre-Vacuum – Dry soil is removed by a thorough vacuuming. Removing dry soil is one of the most important steps in cleaning. Sand, grit, hair and other loose particles are removed.


Pre-spray –  A pre-conditioning agent is applied to carpets to break down soil and general spots for a more thorough cleaning.


Pre-Spotting Treatments -  Difficult spots are pre-treated with special solutions to increase chances of removal.


Agitation -  A professional carpet groomer is used to further loosen the soil.


Wet Extraction Cleaning -  Removes all the loosened dirt from your carpet (often referred to as Steam Cleaning).


Drying -  Where necessary, high velocity air movers are placed on the carpet immediately after cleaning to promote faster drying.


Grooming -  The carpet is then groomed with a professional carpet groomer so that the pile of your carpet is standing tall when we leave. Post-grooming helps the carpet pile dry faster and in the right position.

  • We treat your home/office & you with respect, so you will have minimum disruption to your life

  • We Use the latest machines and the best chemicals to achieve the best results

  • We move furniture so you don’t have to

  • You can rely on us to arrive and depart on time, we look and act professionally at all times

  • We make sure you get the best results, all of our staff are regularly trained with the latest carpet cleaning equipment and techniques.

  • We can tackle all of the tasks to make your room look spotless, including spot and stain removal.

  • We can remove stubborn pet stains and smells.

  • We can help with allergy problems

  • We are members of internationally recognised trade associations, so you can be sure that your home or business is in good hands.

  • All of our work is guaranteed.

Carpet cleaning in process

Why regular cleaning is necessary

Just as the clothes we wear need regular washing to keep them fresh and hygienic, carpets and upholstered furniture also require periodic cleaning. Accumulated soil and grit are major causes of reduced carpet and fabric life, and enable destructive and health harmful mites and bacteria to work unchecked. Cleaning costs are minimal when you consider the replacement cost of carpets and furnishings, so regular cleaning makes economic sense too. There are several methods used, but the aim of all is the same; to remove as much of, if not all, the accumulated dust, grit and general soiling as possible. Regular vacuuming is a fundamental part of ‘housekeeping’, but more specialised equipment and knowledge are required in order to clean properly. There are several cleaning methods, the choice depending on many factors, but mainly on the type of article, its construction, age and condition, the degree of soiling, its location and the time available for the cleaning to be carried out. The most common methods are shampooing, hot water extraction (often inaccurately referred to as steam cleaning) and the use of impregnated compounds which are brushed into the carpet and subsequently removed with a vacuum cleaner. We have the experience and expertise to recommend the most appropriate method of achieving the best possible results, whatever the circumstances. Carpets and upholstery are cleaned on site in your home. We ensure that the carpets are correctly fitted, and that any possible problems, such as weak or damaged seams, are pointed out to you, and any remedial work arranged before work starts. The area concerned should be as clear as is practical, and left clear until the carpet is dry. Drying times vary with the type of carpet, the method used and the weather, but we can give you an accurate assessment at the time. All upholstery is carefully inspected prior to cleaning. We then decide on the most suitable process according to the type of material and degree of soiling. As an NCCA member we will advise you how to assist in preparing the area for the furniture cleaning but every care will be taken to protect the floor covering and surrounding furniture.

You will be amazed at the fantastic results you will get from our professional cleaning service.

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Carpets dry in 30 minutes


Leaves no sticky residue


Environmentally friendly


Applies a anti-static coating


No shrinking, stretching, or split seams


Big Enough To Cope.....

                  ..... Small Enough To Care